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In a nutshell all you are doing is finding the deals (which I'll show you how to find), turn them over to your cash investor (which I'll show you how to find), and get paid. Then rinse and repeat.

I'm making money faster and easier than ever before as a property locator and I'm willing to bring you in. WHY? Because it doesn't take anything away from me. There are thousands of these transactions happening every day. No one person could ever hope to handle them all.

The investors are too busy to find them for themselves. They are wealthy investors or stock brokers who understand the real estate market.

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My system consists of 3 easy steps.
1) Find it. 2) Assign it. 3) Get paid.
And do it over and over again a few times a month, only working a few hours a week.

You are probably asking "Is this real?" Yes it is! Very real in fact. I'm working on 3 right now and starting one tomorrow.

Now you can have the exact system I use to earn thousands on a single transaction.
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Find Foreclosures and Get PaidForeclosed homes are everywhere - even in your neighborhood. You can find them online, real estate agents will flood your inbox with them - bank REO's, mortgage companies, HUD foreclosures, just to name a few. You do the research on each property with your computer (I'll show you how). Email it to your investor (I'll show you how). Get paid. Rinse and repeat. That's it.


Our mission is to share our passion with others how to make money in real estate finder's fees with no cash, no credit, no license or experience required.

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Cash buyers make up 33% of purchases in Residential Sales
in the U.S

The National Association of Realtors released this staggering statistic in. That is the highest number on record and its expected to grow!

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